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The Long Story...

After starting life as a stats guy, I've somehow found myself over on the dark side of Marketing. I've worked on marketing for tech startups for >12 years now and have been fortunate enough to see the inside of several fast-growing, industry-changing businesses. I've helped build world-class brands, launch products that have reached millions of people, but most important to me is building a marketing foundation that's sustainable in the long-term; teams, strategies, and culture.


Chief Marketing Officer @ Pitch

Pitch is presentation software for modern teams.

I worked here between 2019 and 2021, having joined the early team to guide the go to market, define and execute the brand strategy, and build the team. In 2020 we launched the product after a very successful beta and I left with the team at ~20 people, user growth journey on a great track, and the first seeds of revenue growth beginning to sprout.


Chief Marketing Officer @ Grover

Grover's mission is to provide a new way to access the tech people want whilst reducing the impact on their wallet and the environment, via subscription access to products.

Over 2.5 years there, I was responsible for all things marketing, brand, category management, revenue, growth, design and product. As one of the first executives, I contributed to evolving the strategy, culture, and team (from 7 to 100), driving userbase and revenue hypergrowth (from zero to >€1m MRR), and fundraising over $40m in debt & equity.


VP Marketing & Growth @ SoundCloud

SoundCloud is the world’s leading social sound platform where anyone can create sounds and share them everywhere.

As the first marketing person at SoundCloud I was responsible for building up the Marketing, Growth & Insight teams and was a core member of the leadership team. Together with the team, I grew the userbase from 1m to 175m users, managed the company's primary revenue stream (creator subscriptions) and launched many new products and partnerships. I had the privilege to hire and work with some amazing people and be part of building the company from 15 people to over 300.

In my last role at SoundCloud I was responsible for leading our international expansion into new markets including the strategy of new market entry, growth initiatives across multiple territories and the launch of new monetisation products (consumer subscriptions and ad sales). In early 2016 we launched SoundCloud Go in UK, Ireland and France.


Senior Insight Lead @ Betfair

I built the Insight team for Betfair Games (Poker, Casino, Exchange Games) providing data-driven, actionable analysis for marketing, product and strategic decision making. Developed analysis portfolio for new Casino venture helping to scale the business multiple fold in under one year.

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